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The Wonder Years släpper ”Sister Cities”

Sister CitiesThe Wonder Years släpper ett nytt album den 6:e april. Det heter Sister Cities. Det har varit tre år sedan deras senaste album.  ”It started with journals and photos. We started by documenting. We didn’t know where it would go or if it would go anywhere at all but we wrote it all down. We took photos of everything. And then when it came to put it altogether, we had this catalog of how we felt and what it looked like and sounded like and we built from there. Figuring out what the moments were that stayed with me the most. When did I feel most connected to the people around me and why? What did being in this place during this moment teach me? It was a difficult year personally and globally and we experienced that through this lens of being everywhere but home, kind of floating through places and seeing how being there altered our perspective.” 

Säger sångaren Dan Campbell om inspirationen för albumet.



Låtarna på albumet är

  1. Raining In Kyoto
  2. Pyramids of Salt
  3. It Must Get Lonely
  4. Sister Cities
  5. Flowers Where Your Face Should Be
  6. Haven’s Gate (Sad & Sober)
  7. We Look Like Lightning
  8. The Ghosts Of Right Now
  9. When The Blue Finally Came
  10. The Orange Grove
  11. The Ocean Hands To Hold Me

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MyDOG 2018

Dec 14

Sleepin Rough – The Rumjacks

The Rumjacks

Tävlings dags här på hemsidan!

KINDA har varit så snälla att de har skickat två skivor av The Rumjacks senaste skiva Sleepin Rough. Så två kommer vinna varsin skiva.

Berätta varför du ska ha skivan och skicka till Redaktionen@rebeckaordenes.com senast den 21 december för att ha en chans att vinna. Jag väljer vinnarna och meddelar dem via mail den 22 december.

Ni kan läsa en intervju jag gjorde med bandet för att veta mer om bandet.


The Rumjacks

Dec 05

Dreamhack Winter 2017

Dec 04

Even in Sunshine release spelning

Nov 17

The Rumjacks

RumjacksFrankie McLaughlin, The Rumjacks sångare gjorde en intervju åt oss nu när de var ute på turné.

1. First time in Sweden?
Yes, although right now its technically our second visit to your wonderful country, as we just last night
zoomed over to Denmark for one show.
2. How does it feel to play a sold out house? I saw that you had some in Germany and Spain?
And many more places too, including two sold out nights in Prague. It really is a good feeling for us, it tells
us we must be doing something right.
3. Favourite song on the new album?
That’s a tough question, but we recently added ‘The Pot & Kettle’ to our set, and we are really enjoying
playing that.
4. What made you start with music?
You know, I can’t remember exactly, but I like to think that it might have been because I was a quiet, shy kid
who had something to say, and performing music gave me the courage and the voice to do so.
5. What are your plans for the future?
2018 is our tenth year together as a band, so we are planning a lot of great things to celebrate that, and of
course, more touring,.. We have already locked in some great festival shows for next year, so watch out for
all the tasty announcements.

Nov 14

Make Them Suffer – Novelists


Make Them Suffer

Nov 02

The Jesus and Mary Chain

Sep 16

The Hives på Liseberg

Sep 13

Sisters of Mercy på Trädgår’n

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