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SUUNSJag intervjuade SUUNS sångare i tisdags innan deras spelning på Pustervik. Han var jättetrevlig och de va de andra i bandet också, dock så sprang de andra runt lite överallt och sångaren var den enda som stannade upp och gjorde intervju. Deras turnéledare sprang och köpte kaffe till mig till och med! Inte för att jag dricker kaffe men det var roligt ändå! *hint* uppskattas mycket om bandet man intervjuar bjuder på nåt (visserligen bjöd Outtriggger på öl men). I alla fall, jättetrevliga killar, bra uppträdande.
So how are you guys enjoying Sweden?
Uh good, we played in Stockholm yesterday, so we’re only doing two shows in Sweden so, we’ve just been in a car the whole time. We haven’t seen much of the country, but like I said it looks a lot like Canada and ah but you know it’s nice to be here. We’ve never been here before so it’s nice to be here and we feel welcome.
So what’s the history behind the name of the band?
Well we used to be called zeros when we started the band a long time ago and then when we got a record deal it was a little sketchy because there was a lot of bands already called zeros and it was this one band that didn’t want us to have their name so we changed it because we were trying to avoid kinda legal whatever, so we just changed the name to Suuns or Suns which basically just means zeros in Thailand.
Why Zeros?
That’s a good question, I don’t know maybe at the time it as this representative of this kind of minimal vibe that we were doing that was this little music that like simple, that yeah there wasn’t really profound. There’s no big profound idea behind it.
What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen while on tour? 
The funniest thing.. you know those kind of questions are really difficult to answer. Like the best and the worst kind of questions, those are hard.  We were in California once and we were touring with a band that’s also from Montreal, and we were standing outside of the venue, this like a really stupid story, some girls who was obviously like really high, was like screaming and yelling at everybody she was being really mean and yelling, just randomly yelling, she was a young girl yelling at everybody and then she couldn’t get into the club so she just like decided that she was going to go in anyway and she like went back to the parking lot and ran across the parking lot, some weird idea that she was just gonna go into the club and as she went through the door of the club she tripped. And she like flew through the air a few feet and just landed on the ground in front of everybody and it was actually kind of sad in a way because the didn’t know what she was doing and she was like super messed up, it was fucking hilarious we laughed for days after that.
Haha I hope she’s okay..
Yeah I think she’s fine. She got up and like ran away.
What’s the most fun song to play live? 
I like playing Armed For Peace, the first song on our first record. ’Cause I play guitar and it’s like a funny guitar song to play.
If you could headline any festival which one would you choose?
Ummmmm…well that’s a hard question. Because if you say a really huge festival it’s kinda like you’re saying that you want to be really famous, but I would say Glastonbury not because, well obviously the Rolling Stones they just headlined, but because it’s a really cool festival. We played once in like the afternoon. La Route du Rock in France would be cool, we’ve played there a bunch of times and that’s like one of the festivals I would like to headline because it’s like one of the first festivals in Europe that invited us and there’s something special about that.
What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen someone in the audience do while you were playing?
 I saw somebody take of their clothes entirely, naked… The strangest thing, I mean strangest thing to me that somebody does in the audience is stand at the very front row, in front of the band, like in front of everybody and like look at shit on the phone the whole show. That to me is fucking strange. I don’t know hy you are standing there if you just want to look at your phone the whole time.
Why did you choose to play this kind of music it’s not really um mainstream, it’s not pop or rock…
Uh I don’t know, that’s why…I don’t think you really decide on what music you want to play I think you just play the kind you write and what feels right. There isn’t his kind of idea that like we wanna be like this or we wanna sound like that I think it’s just kinda thing you do and it ends up sounding that way and then you find out later on that it’s like not at all mainstream, you know what I mean? It’s not on purpose, there’s no plan, it is what it is, there’s no real reason why it is that way, you know, it just kinda comes out that way.
What’s the best and worst thing about touring?
The best thing about touring is obviously playing shows ’cause you go and meet new people traveling. And the worst thing about touring is traveling, it’s like having to..sucks being in a van, flying, you don’t have any space, but you know if you have a good show it seems to be okay and it makes up for that.
If you could make a collab with any band or artist who would you choose?
Any band or artist, so anybody?
Anybody, dead or alive.
Oh dead or alive now. Well I think I would love to do some kind of video, music video project with David Lynch. I think whatever he wanted to do I would be happy to be involved with that some way. That’s for cinema, I guess for music it’s like I don’t know, it’s… it’s really hard to say. It’s so many people we like to work with and were just happy to work with anybody at this point.
Anything you want to say before the interview is over?
Um well you know it’s our first time in Gothenburg, our first time in Sweden. We know that the shows aren’t really that big, but we’re like super stoked to be here and feel like..you know Scandinavia is kinda remote you know and it’s nice though that’s what’s nice about it and we defiantly hope that we come back soon with a new record.

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