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MarmozetsGjorde en intervju med Marmozets pÃ¥ BrÃ¥valla tidigare nu i sommar. Jätteroliga att prata med och intervjun var rolig att göra, det som var liite jobbigt är dock att de pratade i mun pÃ¥ varandra och jag har ingen aning vem som säger vad sÃ¥ jag kommer skriva ”-” när det är en ny person som pratar. Försökte skriva ner deras ljud effekter sÃ¥ bra som jag kunde. Sen är de frÃ¥n norra England sÃ¥ tänk er att de säger typ halva ord hela tiden.

So how are you liking Sweden?


-I’ve never been to Sweden.

– I have. I love Sweden, I spent New Years eve in Stockholm. It was amazing. Don’t you like Stockholm?

No I’m kinda from the rival city.

-Oh what’s the rival city?


-Gothenburg, aaarggghh. Gothenburg, GOTHENburg…. Do you you have like a Swedish batman? Gotham city is that where you live?


-You live in Gotham city? Does Gothenburg got a city?
-So where is the Wayne Tower?
– Does Gothenburg got a city?

Yes it is a city?

-We like Sweden so far.
-We haven’t been anywhere but it’s nice.
-The grass is a little bit greener, like usually the grass in the United Kingdom is a little bit thinner and smaller, the grass seems to a bit longer and thicker.
-It’s nice.
-So that’s all about Sweden.

Yeah grass. 

-No we haven’t been able to see much because we’ve been on the bus.
-See I woke up early this morning and on the way there was these beautiful lakes so it’s good, I’m loving it, everyone’s cheerful here so.

Lovely name by the way ( till sångerskan som också heter Rebecca, tänkte att jag kunde väl nämna att jag heter samma)

.-Thank you, we’ve got the same name.
– We’ve got two Rebeccas.
-How to you spell yours?

With a C and a K. 

-Rebeckah, Rebeckahihifghg (ni får tänka er massa konstiga ljud här)
*alla göra massa static noise*
– Sounds like a really bad TV.
-When you put it on the wrong channel.
-It’s Rebe'[static noise]-
-Have you ever had that when you turn the TV on it’s like white noise static, when you turn the TV on it’s just white fuzzy and it goes *static noise*

When I was very young maybe?

-Yes when it gets really fucking loud as well and it’s like one o’clock in the morning it’s like *static noise*
– Your TV used to do that!
-It’s like Samara Morgan’s gonna come out of your TV!
-Have you seen the film The Ring?


-It’s like the beginning when there’s all the white static and then Samara Morgan comes out and gets you.
-Beats yo ass.
-See, you know I’ve always thought about this right. If a lass came out your TV, you’d drop kick her wouldn’t you? It would be like ”What the!?” BANG.
-You would just like try and kick her back into the telly.
-What’s really annoying is that they all fall back into like CD racks and shit, and they all go like ”eh’ and you’d be like-
-Smack her with a blunt object.
-Twat her on the head.
-Rebecka do you have more questions?
-Sorry yeah.

No I like it when you like-

-Rebecka’*static noise*

Is it hard to tour/be in a band with your siblings?

-It’s the worst.
-Worst thing you’ll ever experience.
-Anyone that starts a band, don’t start it with your family.
De två under höll stryp grepp på varandra medan de sa dessa kärleksfulla orden.
-I regret it. No I love them all really, all my favorite people ever. Especially this guy, he’s my favorite, I love him so much, he’s like my brother.
-Best mates, he’s like my best friend. Honestly so much.
-No but it’s actually, it’s- it’s the only thing we’ve known. We started the band when we were really young so we don’t know anything else any better. But personally I think it’s a win win because we’re all so close. We’re already a tight family so we’re all there for each other through any hard times.

Can we expect any new music soon?

-Yes. You can expect new music soon.
-Demoing stuff at the moment, trying, in between touring and stuff.
-It’s fine.
-We just got some tracks back.
-We might play some riffs in between the sets.
-A lot of the songs we write, because it’s always on tour, when we write a lot of songs on tour we actually jam them live. So it won’t actually be anything finished but we actually like to jam them live to see how they sound. And when we have time off we go to the studio and we probably jam them out.

You seem like a fun bunch of people. Do you have any fun tour stories?

-Too extreme.
-We can’t leagally-
-We just went jumping-
-It’s like you know The Hardy Boyz, did you ever watch WWE Wrestling? We’re Team Xtreme is what we are.
-Can I be Jeff Hardy?
-You can be Jeff Hardy. It’s like a mixture of being The Hardy Boyz, Becca’s Lita, and you lads are um The Dudleys?
-The Dudleys.
-Let’s try and think maybe Edge and Christian?
-Edge and Christian.
-Can I be Edge?
-Yeah you can be edge, you can’t wrestle anymore though. He’s back in it but he can’t wrestle.
-So you can’t wrestle.
-But I don’t know, we got a lot of fun stories.
-We just jumped from ten meters.


-In the festival, you sign a contract saying if you hurt yourself it’s your own fault. Not ours.
-There is a lot of funny tour stories though.
-But most of them are kind of illegal to say uh.
-A lot are great but we can’t remember them.
-Right now it’s hard to put one bang out on the table.
-It’s always when people ask us these kind of questions we never remember what we do and we all just sound boring.
-There are some days when we’ve felt a bit mischievous-
-And we get in trouble.
-And we do get in trouble, by accident though! I think it’s just our personalizes.
-Never trouble with the police, only ever with…festivals.
-By accident though!
-It’s just because we’re all still young you know-
*alla klappar händerna*
-Happy birthday Sam. It’s Sams birthday by the way.

Oh happy birthday!

-Thank you.
-He’s 78 today looks pretty good don’t he? I think so.

Yeah, got some work done maybe?

-Yeah, I inject botox every morning.
-Jack does it personally into his cheeks.
-With his penis.
-Just the cheeks.
-He gets the treatment, shoves it down his penis and it goes into his cheeks, it cleanses the pores.
-Ever heard of a facial before?
-Oh Sam!
-That’s what keeps him young.
-Every day keeps him young. Both mentally and physically.
-I’m gonna ride that tractor later. Maybe that will be another tour story.

MarmozetsSo no fun stories at all?

-Any fun stories?
-Ah are we still on this?!
-Let’s think of one.
-One time..
-On one tour..
-I can’t think of any.
-I got covered by a fire extinguisher once.
-Oh yeah!
-We headlined the Electric Ballroom in London, sold out show.
-Sold out show, no biggie.
-And our manager got a fire extinguisher and sprayed it all over him and then threw it at him.
-Yeah it really was a lot heavier than I thought it was gonna be as well.
-And then we dropped it and it went everywhere and we asked if we should leave and he was like ”uhh yeah”.
-So it’s more our manager that’s like-
-We’re quite well known actually for turning dressing rooms upside down for other bands. We did it for Royal Blood several times.
-We took out all our sofas from our dressing room and put in theirs.
-An other one is when we turned everything upside down and then we nicked all the plants from the backstage area and made a runway for them.
-We like to have a lot of fun basically.
-Sometimes too much fun.
-We set up Royal Bloods room as a dinner for two once. Bottle of wine. Candles.
-A mango with a note.
-Yeah we wrote a note on a mango.
-Oh it’s the tourbus one where we were throwing oranges and stuff outside.
-You know those little milk bags that come in hotels and stuff-
-There’s a window on our tourbus, we were throwing them out as we came on the ferry.
-I threw one and it came back in, and just after Josh did it and it came back in again we were absolutely crying with laughter.
-And then we got in trouble for-
-And then a car almost crashed and then they took the registration and we got told off.
-We got an email from the ferry company saying do not do this again.
-We also take tattoo artist on tour with us. We’ll get funny tattoos.
-I got Ben from Royal Blood name on there, you know Mike that plays bass also sings. Do you know who Royal Blood are?

Yeah, I was going to shoot them last year but I was too tired to go so..

-Ah….anyway Royal Blood. ”Royal Blud”
-Mike doesn’t have a tattoo, never tatted anyone but he tatted me.
-So that’s the type of stuff we get up to.
-A little extreme.
-We’re Team Xtreme.

MarmozetsAre you going to play Reading this year again?

-Yeah, we are playing the main stage this year.
-Last year at Leeds and Reading there’s a funny story right. We’re around the backstage area, and there’s trees like this, it’s fucking hilarious, we never thought we were going to be asked to play Leeds and Reading after this, we found a guy that had like a chainsaw right, you’re never going to fucking believe this right, we were all of us absolutely fucked up and found this chainsaw so we decided, the closest thing in wood we could find was this tree so we started chainsawing this tree but it landed on one of the production things and smashed in half and people almost died.
-When was this!?
-You gotta remember this, it was last year!
-No I can’t.
-We went on tour with Muse, they know how to party.

Well I hope I’ll be seeing you this year at Reading.

-Are you gonna be there? Amazing.
-We’re on the same day as Metallica.

Maybe I’ll interview you again.

-Yeah do, and interview Metallica at the same time so we can meet Lars.
-You look a bit uncertain.

I need to get contact info…
What’s your favorite song to play live?

-All of them.
-I like..which one is it..Scary Monsters by Skrillex.
-I don’t know, all of them are different. They all have a certain feel or energy.
-Different at different shows, some songs go down better than others, depends on the show.
-Depends on the crowds, sometimes the mello ones go down better, sometimes the heavier ones go down better.
-When we can play, I really like Back To You. It’s really tuff for me, the drumming on that is consistent, it’s a lot of hard work.
-They’re all fun.

Got any favorite tattoos?

-Yeah I just showed you them.
-Mine is a bit scabby because it’s new.
-He’s got scabies.
-Our nan died last week and she was jewish so I got her name Faith in hebrew.
-Beccas got ”Rock Chick” because she’s a rock chick.
-It’s the best tattoo I’ve ever seen.
-I got a spider web because I’ve been in prison several times.
-He’s been to prison a couple of times.
-He hasn’t really.
-Do you know how to piss will off?

No, I don’t want to though. 

Sam häller ut Wills öl och kastar bort hans cigaretter.

-It’s always me, it’s because I’m the youngest.
-Have you ever had someone steal your phone before?

Sam: Haha I just stole her phone. Sweden is the best place ever, I literally have just stolen her phone now from the interview, I’m just running around, I’m just gonna run around in a circle.

-Sam come back.

Sam: No you go away.

-Sam come back, stop hiding behind that tree.

Sam: No.

-Day one, Sweden festival Bråvalla.
-Day three actually.
-Day one for Marmozets, day three for the other people who have been here. Hiding around a tree backstage.
-And this goes out to the birthday boy Sam, make some noise! *ljud*
-Let’s take it back to the interview, back to the itnerview.
-Guys we have to get back to the interview now, we gotta play.

Anything you want to say before the interview is over?

-Thank you Sweden for putting up with us.
-And a blue and yellow flag.
-And Zlatan Ibrahimovic
-And like when anyone askes us the last thing to say, I’m a geine in a bottle you gotta rub me the right way


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