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So how are you enjoying Sweden?

Very good vibe, quite chill back here. E-type, very good. Best gig I’ve ever seen. We’re looking forward to play.

So you’ve not even released your debut album yet but you have already played festivals like Glastonbury, how did this happen?  

Don’t know. We’ve released quite a few singles and EP’s, we’ve released like an album worth of songs, but we haven’t put it on an album yet. Glastonbury gives band a chance before the album is released. So then people can see and then buy our album, that’s how these things kind of work. We were honored to play it, it was quite a big stage. There is a lot of things we’ve done before the album, it’s quite surreal. Like supported some of our heroes like The Stone Roses, Last Shadow Puppets, gone to Japan, sold out hometown shows of 2000 people before the album. A lot of these things happen when a band already has an album out, while we’ve done it so when it comes out it kinda has a big impact, that’s what we want.

Hometown as in Stockport or Manchester?

Stockport/Manchester yeah. There’s no venues in Stockport…well there’s one The Plaza. We’re playing the Plaza the night the album gets released. They’ve created our own beer which is cool.

Do you have a theme with the new album?

I didn’t go into it thinking it was going to be about heart break you don’t really do that do you? It just happens. We’re not into concepts and shit like that at all. We’re quite realistic people it’s coming from a normal place, like heart break. Some of them are unnecessarily from something I’ve experienced  but some of it is. So yeah that’s the main theme, a lot of people can relate to that  ’cause most people have gone through that when they get to their late teens. So people will relate to it and tweet the lyrics as if that’s how they’re feeling. You know when people to that? It’s a lot of that.

Are you (sångaren Tom Ogden) the only one that writes lyrics? Do you do everything?

I write the lyrics..sad lyrics. No I’m not sad, I was sad. I’m quite an emotional guy. It’s (lÃ¥tarna) quite uplifting the sadness. Like The Smiths-esc. With really good riffs on top.

Do you all write your own music to your instruments? 

Yeah we all write our own parts. Tom comes with the lyrics and sometimes he’ll have a riff.

Do you have any favorite songs on the album? 

I like a track called Honey Sweet.
As do I.
I’m going to say that I like every song on the album, but I do like Blown Rose.
I think I like the new songs better because we’ve not played them live as much.

There’s a song called Texia on there that is quite good…that I can’t play quite yet, almost.

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